Herbal Magic Closes Stores in Canada Because “Business Model” No Longer Viable Today

I can’t say I’m unhappy to hear that a major ‘weight loss’ center within Canada has been forced to shut down because they had an inaccurate business model – supplements and pills to promote weight and fat loss.What makes me angry about this whole situation is that the company’s website overview on “How they work” shows no implication of supplements and pills to promote weight loss goals, but rather only emphasize healthy eating and exercise along with a personalized nutrition plan. How could a business close their doors by using simple, evidence based ways to help people get to their desired and healthy body weight? I have learned now that this isn’t necessarily true and that they were selling pills to promote weight loss, and asking for quite a bit of money in the process (someone stated they had spent $3,500, which they will now not get back). Their closing down is a prime example of how there are no quick weight loss solutions and that you shouldn’t have to pay a hefty bill to achieve personal weight/fat loss goals!

While I think there needs to be an investment in your health, whether that be through a certified health/weight loss coach or simply switching to organic or plant-based diets, it should be exactly what an investment is – putting money into something that will reward you in the long run.

Lastly, I would like to say that while Herbal Magic went under, that doesn’t mean companies that relate to their “business model” are just as bad. One in particular that I can refer to is Weight Watchers. Their model is based on the true fact that you must educate yourself on eating the right foods (which includes calories in and out), exercising and staying active to your best ability and staying focused on your goals. It starts with your mind (positivity and perseverance!) and only goes forward from there.


To read about the store closing, click here: http://globalnews.ca/news/2153754/herbal-magic-closes-stores-across-the-country/